Forbes: High Heat And Bountiful Farm Stands: What Wines Do America’s Top Sommeliers Drink in August?


Christopher Bates MS, Owner and Operator F.L.X. Wienery, Element Winery, F.L.X. Table and F.L.X. Culture House

One of my favorite ones in the world is Domaine Pierre Luneau-Papin Muscadet L d’Or, 2014. I’m absolutely crushing it this summer. I think I’m on my third case already. It’s delicious, with screaming high acid and delightfully low alcohol. It has just the right amount of neutrality that doesn’t demand attention, but enough delicate complexity to hold your attention if you want it to. The wine is still quite old-fashioned for top-quality Muscadet, meaning that it hasn’t tried to push the boundaries of ripeness or lees aging. It’s the kind of wine that when I have wine people over and pour it, they get super excited, and if I have non-wine friends over and pour it, they also get super excited. And, it’s a steal. But if you buy too much of it, stick it in your cellar for fifteen to twenty years. With age, this wine is amazing.

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